Athens Exchange (ATHEX), being the operator of the regulated securities market, offers the regulatory framework as well as the infrastructure in order buyers and sellers of transferable securities to be able to trade in:

  • Stocks
    • Rights
  • Greek Certificates and in general certificates representing transferable securities
  • Debt securities (Bonds)
  • Units of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as well as
  • Structured Financial Products (SFPs)
  • Warrants

The aforementioned transferable securities are classified, according to their special characteristics, into different segments which are distinguished as follows:

  • General Segment (Main Market)
  • Low Dispersion Special Segment
  • Under Surveillance Special Segment
  • To Be Deleted Special Segment
  • Debt Segment
  • Exchange Traded Funds Segment and
  • Structured Financial Products Segment
  • Warrants

For the classification of each transferable security into one of the above sectors there are certain prerequisites that have to be fulfilled, in each case, which subject into review in regular intervals.

Stocks, in specific, when listed in ATHEX, in parallel with their classification into segments, they are also classified into industry sectors according to the FTSE / Dow Jones ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark) model.