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ATHEXAcademy seeks to provide qualitative training services to those who may be interested on stock market issues as well as to uphold and support the certification policy of the ATHEX Group.

The ATHEXAcademy services are addressed to:

  • ATHEX Group Member's and ATHEX listed companies employees,
  • Professionals working in the stock market focusing on Greek stock markets,
  • Every organization, company or individual professional seeking quality education for his employees,
  • University students interested in working in the field of the Greek stock and capital markets.

To ensure the quality of its seminars, experienced and certified professionals as well as university professors are appointed by ATHEX Group.



Educational visits

Constant changes in the global marketplace require professionals to be informed of the latest developments regarding their job and company functions. Read more...

Athens Exchange and for purposes of acknowledgment of the professional competence of employees and executives of its Trading Members and Clearing Members, grants the appropriate certificates. Read more...

The Athens Exchange Group is active in providing education about the market and its operation. For this reason it accepts groups of students who are interested in learning more about how capital markets operate. Read more...


Instructor's Registry



Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX GROUP) in the context of providing specialized educational services has developed an Instructor's Registry to cover its needs for instructors. Read more...





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