Trading system

Until the end of 1999, the trading of securities took place through the Automated Trading System (ASIS). Since November 1999 the trading of securities and derivatives is realised exclusively electronically through a more advanced trading system, the Automated Integrated Trading System (OASIS).

OASIS is divided into two sub systems according to the type of products for which it is destined:

  • OASIS - ETS (Equities Trading System) in which the securities trading takes place (stocks, rights, certificates representing transferable securities, debt securities, units of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs))
  • OASIS - DTS (Derivatives Trading System) in which the derivative products trading takes place (futures, options and repos on indices and stocks).

One of the most important characteristics of OASIS is the high security it offers regarding both its operation as well as the data it produces, manages and saves. This fact has as a result the enforcement of ATHEX reliability within Greece as well as abroad.

One of the main goals of OASIS development is the gradual readjustment and connection of ATHEX with the international markets. OASIS operating to this direction supports the trading of securities and derivatives in two languages (Greek and English) as well as in more than one currency (Euro, US Dollar, etc.).




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